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  • Multilingual. Mobile Application. Social Media Connect.

    eMLi is also accessible through the most popular Android and iPhone platform. The mobile app provides great accessibility to relevant data in no time. Social media connect will make your institute's presence on the web more effectively then ever.  Read More
  • Business Intelligent Reports of eMLi

    eMLi Business Intelligence empowers Administrator and Staff with relevantly organized data  with visualizations  to improve and enhance routine operations. eMLi BI provides timely access to accurate information for the strategic decision making. The eMLi provides a visual interactive dashboard for the administration with all adequate data.  Read More

    Communicating with Students, Parents and Staff is more easier with eMLi's integrated built-in facility to send Bulk SMS and e-Mail. Automatically maintained portals empowers administration to facilitate key entities of the organization. eMLi provides Payment gateway integration to collect various fees and dues from the students. Read More

    eMLi provides integration of best-in-class technologies for improved management of the organization and secure access. eMLi of AuroMeera provides built-in facility to use Bar-Code, RFID and Bio-Metrics for various student and staff activities. eMLi enables you to implement RFID/Bio-metrics based Attendance System and Bar-Code/QR-Code based working. These technologies can be used for access control wherever required. Read More
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eMLi: A Comprehensive Education Management Suite

The eMLi is a Comprehensive Education Management Suite from AuroMeera Technometrix Pvt. Ltd. for the institutions of education in India and across globe. The eML an automation package can help you get extraordinary outcomes with integrated solution for all the academic and administrative requirement of your institute. 

eMLi has powerful range of feature to facilitate the major entities of educational system i.e. Students, Parents, Faculties, Administrative Staff, Administrator, Governing Body, University Officials, Government Authorities etc... with comprehensive and integrated software solution for improved organizational performance. eMLi is the only suite which provides management of entire academic environment under one roof of technology. The eMLi package of automation and efficient administration can acquire extraordinary outcomes for both, the academic and administrative requirements of any organization across the globe. 

The eMLi encompasses diversified working of Schools, Colleges, Campus and Universities on an integrated data sharing environment. Implemented at various Schools, Colleges, Universities and Government across the globe the system eMLi has become a proven technical solution for every set of requirements for your Academic Institution. The eMLi is very extensible and scalable in nature as it’s developed with state-of-the-art web based technologies. 


Administrative Transparency

Bring full transparency in administrative operation of your organization.

Make relevant data accessible to the concern round the clock from anywhere in the world.  

Leave no space for the complaint due to insufficient information. Administrative Transparency  
See, how to bring transparancy

Monitoring & Control

With eMLi you can monitor all the operation of your organization centrally. 

Apply common rules and norms across the campus. Control all unwanted activity, out of time activities and irrelevant activities. 

Provide access to the specific group or person for a specific time-period. 
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Efficient Performance

eMLi will help you make your organization's performance more efficient.

Reduce or eliminate the paper communication, redundancy and laborious processes.

Utilize all available resources to enhance the productivity. 
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Problems of Present Administration System

  • Less Transparent
  • Time Consuming
  • Laborious
  • Highly Error Prone
  • Risk of data abusing
  • Data Manipulation
  • Risk of Rules Violation
  • High Operational Cost

Academic Hierarchy

Uneven Keeping of Power and Information