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Case Study: How eMLi helped NCSC to acquire NAAC 'A' Grade

"It was Narmada College of Science and Commerce, Bharuch (NCSC) who put the foundation stone in the successful beginning of the eMLi. We heartily congratulate Dr. B. M. Rawal for leading a small but highly efficient team of enthusiastic, dedicated and result oriented people.
We appreciate your support!" Ashutosh & Vikrant (Founders, AuroMeera!)

The Narmada College Story


It was 2005 when the Google and Facebook were not so popular in India and Android was not even born one man was ready to adopt technology in the education management in a small institute in India. At this very early phase of technology the Principal of Narmada College of Science and Commerce, Bharuch, Dr. B. M. Raval decided to take the institute on the Auto-mode. They approached AuroMeera looking to AuroMeera's experience in the Office Automation for various processes. 

AuroMeera was given the task to develop an Admission System for the college keeping in mind the less manpower was available in the month of May-June at the college during the admission procedure.  AuroMeera started developing the algorithm to comply with the most complex mechanism of Admission process which encompass the reservation system of the seats for specific students. The project e-Mahavidyalaya (the previous name of eMLi) started. AuroMeera delivered the solution and acquired desired output in the initial implementation trial.

Later, the college decided to automate the remaining activities of the Student Management like Fees Collection, Certificate Issuance and related office tasks. At this stage AuroMeera has focused the implementation and put maximum team efforts in the development of the system at NCSC. Everything was just perfect for the NCSC implementation as the cooperation of the NCSC Team was amazing and the enthusiasm of the AuroMeera Team was very high.  The AuroMeera team kept adding newer features and office administration staff of NCSC was so keen to adopt the newer release of the software. They adopted all the facilities and given their valuable feedback to make the system better.

At this stage the complete Office Automation suite was ready now the focus was shifted to the Academic Activities of the College. Started with the Time-table generation to attendance and aggregation of the student's internal assessment for the final examination. AuroMeera team divided into two parts and started developing these facilities as per the specific requirements of NCSC.

In 2007, the entire system was migrated to the newer technological concepts of Object Oriented Programming as PHP 5 (the Object Oriented Programming supported PHP) stable was released. On the later stage when the bio-metrics and RFID like technologies were made accessible at a comparatively cheaper rate, these technologies were also incorporated in the project.  



Now after 11 years, in the year 2016,  the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) Peer Team appreciated and noticed as a wonder and recognized the benefits of eMLi in education management and noted down in the report itself. The eMLi was also considered as the Institutional Strength mentioned in the conclusion of the report. All the major facilities of eMLi like Online Admission, Grievance Redressal Cell, Online Assignment Submission, Assessment, Pay System, Establishment etc...and above all student-centric online-onhand system have helped gaining NAAC score in the evaluation in relevant section.

Highlight of the NAAC Peer Team Report. 

One of the three Major Features in the Institute

Section - I (General Information)


Greater flexibility in managing CBCS courses

Section - II (2.1.2 Academic Flexibility)


To manage Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) you need a flexible software system which can take care of the student's choice and produce the output with zero error. eMLi does the same. 

Admission process Transparent and Online

Section - II (2.2.1 Student Enrollment & Profile)


NCSC used eMLi's Online Admission process to enroll students in various courses. This has made their process transparent and accessible to the students round the clock and around the world.

Managing different evaluation system

Section - II (2.2.5 Evaluation Process and Reforms)


All kind of evaluation is possible in eMLi. You just need to set the criteria for the evaluation and the aggregation can be calculated automatically. 

Adopt all required technology with eMLi

Section - II (2.4.1 Physical Facilities)


eMLi provides greater strength with integration of latest technologies. You can integrate RFID, Bio-metrics, Bar-code, QR-Code, GPS etc... technologies with eMLi 

Monitoring, Grievance Redressal & Committee Management

Section - II (2.5.1 Student Monitoring and Support) (2.5.2 Student Progression)


eMLi provides Student Progress Report and Grievance Redressal. Institute can setup committee for various purpose and then can manage the activities of the committee through eMLi.

eMLi for Best Practices

Section - II (2.7.2 Innovations)


Under the section innovation and best practices eMLi can lineup all your operations that will make the entire operation of the institute transparent.

eMLi Considered as an Institutional Strength

Section - III (3.1 Institutional Strength)


The NAAC Peer Team considered eMLi as a Strong IT System for the Institute and eMLi is considered as an Institutional Strength.


In the 11 Page Report of NAAC, the eMLi was mentioned three times at different levels. The facilities of eMLi considered important for the accreditation. And the most importantly, eMLi considered as institutional strength. Hence, we believe that a well-structured IT System for the administration of the Academic Institute can produce extraordinary output for sure which exactly what eMLi does. 

Problems of Present Administration System

  • Less Transparent
  • Time Consuming
  • Laborious
  • Highly Error Prone
  • Risk of data abusing
  • Data Manipulation
  • Risk of Rules Violation
  • High Operational Cost

Academic Hierarchy

Uneven Keeping of Power and Information