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Referral Program for eMLi

Refer and Reward! 

We really appreciate it when our customers/individuals/organization spread the word about AuroMeera – and to show our appreciation, we’d like to give you  10%  of total solution cost, as a thank you!

Easy money for you – and great rates for your referral!

You can earn reward by referring our solution to any organization under your influence.

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On each referral made

  • Terms of Referral Program

    *AuroMeera will award cash or an account credit (“Reward”) to any Eligible Referrer who refers an Eligible New Customer in compliance with the Referral Program Rules (“Rules”). Rewards will be calculated based on the total solution cost orderd by the Customer.  The Reward will be issued only after the Eligible New Customer’s solution is implemented and payment is released. The reward will be released in the proportion of the payment made by the client. 

    Definition of an Eligible New Customer: An “Eligible New Customer” is an Educational Institute that is not currently, and has never previously been, a AuroMeera customerand  is not already registered as a AuroMeera Customer lead in AuroMeera’s records. Former AuroMeera customers are prohibited from qualifying as an Eligible New Customer.

    If an Eligible New Customer is referred by more than one Eligible Referrer, only the original Eligible Referrer validated by AuroMeera shall be entitled to receive the Reward.

    PERSONAL INFORMATION:  Your personal information collected in connection with this Program will be used in accordance with AuroMeera’s Privacy Policy.

    ** If you do not wish to disclose your identity to the client, please mention in the form.

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Problems of Present Administration System

  • Less Transparent
  • Time Consuming
  • Laborious
  • Highly Error Prone
  • Risk of data abusing
  • Data Manipulation
  • Risk of Rules Violation
  • High Operational Cost

Academic Hierarchy

Uneven Keeping of Power and Information