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AuroMeera's Services to Government

AuroMeera Technometrix Pvt. Ltd. partners with Governments and Public Sector Units to offer a fully compatible IT-Enabled Service and Solution which benefits Government and facilitates Citizen. Our e-Governance solutions results in improved organizational performance, efficiency, transparency and rule enforcement.

At AuroMeera we conceptualized, design, develop and implement the best-in-class solution for Government organizations which allow you to meet your stakeholders’ diverse interests. We maintain a dedicated team of experts to meet the specific requirement of the e-Governance Project.

As a partner we can work together in

  • Identifying Organization Specific Need
  • Designing Smart and Secure System
  • Developing a Smart Business Process-flow (Logic)
  • Application Software Development
  • Solution Re-engineering (Modification in previous software)
  • Implementation of Project
  • Process Management (Outsourcing)
  • Citizen Awareness and Publicity
  • Training and Teaching

Our core team has already designed solutions for following Government Process:

  • Civil Supply Department:Management of Food and other related items provided by Government.
  • Department of Post: New edge postal service, includes secure document transfer services, e-Post etc..
  • Education Department: Data exchange and Communication network.
  • Agriculture Department: Agriculture Production, Distribution and Supply Management
  • Public Health Department: Hospital Management including OPD, Blood Bank, Operation Theater, Medicine Distribution etc...
  • Transport Department: Port Management, Road Transport Management, GPS based Vehicle Interception System
  • General Administration: Human Resource Management, Employee Management, Payroll, Promotion etc...
  • Citizen Facilitation: Online portal where citizen can interact with the government like filling some form, getting reply, etc…
  • Citizen Charter: SMS based Instant Complaint Response System (This system is already working in production at a Municipal Corporation in Gujarat)
  • Customized Software Development for Various Other Government Department e.g.
    • Department of Police (FIR Management)
    • Department of Fire
    • Department of Finance

In addition to all above our team is having vast experience in providing consultance and tailor-made-solution development and implementation. We can work together in providing following IT Enable services to Government.

AuroMeera is having proven expertise in Web Based Solution Development and Implementation. Our team is having core competencies in state-of-art web technology. Our solutions are scalable, secure and sustainable over the internet, LAN or MAN. We offer following web based solution and services to the Government

  • Website and Web-portal Development
  • Web Based Application Development
  • e-Commerce Suite
  • Online Payment Acceptance Gateway
  • Online Public Services
  • Online Learning Management System
  • Online Educational Service
  • Online Business Process Automation

In addition to all above we can also provide skilled men power to Develop, Implement and Maintain any of above mentioned process.

Problems of Present Administration System

  • Less Transparent
  • Time Consuming
  • Laborious
  • Highly Error Prone
  • Risk of data abusing
  • Data Manipulation
  • Risk of Rules Violation
  • High Operational Cost

Academic Hierarchy

Uneven Keeping of Power and Information